Bestcena-mapaBestcena operates in Slovakia (www.bestcena.sk), Czech Republic (www.bestcena.cz) and Poland (www.bestcena.pl). Company activities are oriented to pure e-commerce to deliver products as services to customers with excellent price/value. Bestcena is 100% oriented to long term client’s relationship and satisfaction. Brand is growing very fast thanks to it’s philosophy. Portfolio of Bestcena consists mainly of electronics and mobile phones services.




  • Main benefits for customer:
  • All ready on our stock
  • Best price/value on the market
  • Next business day delivery
  • Free shipping and no hidden fees
  • Fast warranty repairs
  • Our Company philosophy
  • Customer is first in every moment,
  • All operations are build around the customer
  • We improve every aspect of our business
  • We innovate, test, make better everything around us