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In return we take their products to new countries and new channels, without any extra work needed from the supplier’s side, besides what they are already doing today in their main business and all this without taking any risks connected with entering new markets, and we turn them into services. Help us to grow and we will make you very satisfied.

When to buy a new mobile phone?

when smartphone 2015

When to buy a new Smartphone?

Simple answer: If you feel you need it and you have the money, then NOW. There is no better time than now. (And that applies to everything in life, we live only in today, not in tomorrow, nor yesterday. ONLY in TODAY.)

In average the prices drop 30% each 6 months, so the best time to buy is 1-2 months, 5-6 months, 11-12 months after release, when there is a notable price decrease. Major releases happen between September and November. Also in general a good time to buy is right after Christmas, when many sales are going on.



The Complete Smartphone Buying Guide


Step 1: Choose Your Phone

  • 10 steps to finding the right phone for you
  • buying guides
  • how much can you afford?

Step 2: Get Pricing Information from Manufacturer

  • how to use the manufacturer’s website
  • pricing basics for new phone buying
  • new phone incentives and rebates

Step 3: Finance Your Phone

  • buying vs leasing vs bying a used phone
  • phone financing pitfalls and solutions / buying with operator pitfalls and solutions
  • phone financing through operators/ quatro/ cetelem…

Step 4: Find Your Phone

  • how to use site
  • accessories to get to your phone
  • extra services you can get with your phone

Step 5: Test in-hands your phone

  • where to go to test your new phone (operators/ big shops)
  • talk to and compare your results to other owners (are they satisfied with their purchase and company where they bought it?)
  • find forums and ask for help if anything is unclear

Step 6: Get Dealer Price Quotes

  • how to get an internet price quote
  • internet prices in the showroom
  • how to use bestcena’s price promise (lowest price)

Step 7: Trade-In or Sell Your Old phone

  • three steps to trading in your used phone
  • trade-in options for your used phone
  • 10 steps to selling your phone

Step 8: Negotiate the Deal

  • negotiating 101
  • secrets of a professional negotiator
  • bring a wingman when you buy a phone (bring others to shop with you to get a better deal)

Step 9: Close the Deal

  • 5 qestions to ask before you say YES to a new phone deal
  • negotiating a dealer’s new phone add-ons and accessories
  • confessions of a phone sales manager

Step 10: After purchase

  • making the most of your phone
  • taking care of your phone (protective foils, protective covers)
  • buying extra insurance

Step 11: Warranty claim

  • what is a warranty claim and what is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • what are your rights and what should you ask for and get
  • what to do when your warranty claim in denied for whatever reason

Step 12: Out of warranty repairs

  • What is worth to have repaired and what is not
  • Where to have it repaired and how much will it cost
  • Is the extra insurance worth it and what does it cover?

Problems with ownership of a mobile phone


If you have a mobile phone (smart phone or dumb phone), chance is once in a while you run into every one of these problems:

WHEN to buy a new mobile phone?

– WHICH model of phone to choose?

– WHERE to buy it?

– WHAT plan should I get and which operator should I choose?

– SHOULD I buy an extra insurance?

– WHAT accessories do I need for my mobile phone?

– HOW to use my new phone?

– WHAT apps to install?

– WHERE to get updates about smartphones?

– WHAT to do if my phone malfunctions?

– WHAT to do if my phone is damaged or broken?

– HOW to get rid of my old phone?

… and all over again… when should I buy a new mobile phone?

We believe, we should give you a smart solution for each of these problems. So we bring new services to help our customers to remove their problems with owning their electronics