Time to invest | BESTCENA

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki

  • invest as low as 15 Euros
  • 8% p.a. interest rate
  • interest paid out monthly
  • secured by inventory
  • extra bonus for serious investors

These last years we have proven our innovative business model working and working well in many European countries, bringing very high customer satisfaction (99.7%) and profits from the early stage on. We are able to move products on stock fast (sold within 14 days), from different product categories (not limited to electronics), as there is high demand for what we offer, for the add-on value we offer. The most effective way to bring in new customers are price comparison websites, where we place ourselves on TOP positions thanks to our innovative business models, and the on-going challenge is to turn satisfied customers into believers (brand evangelists). Our team of professionals is in the online retail business for well over a decade, where we keep bringing in young talents, improving our working systems, automating repetitive tasks, following the newest trends, but the core of our business is still the same: offering quality products at affordable prices connected with SUCS. Investor’s money is used only to finance our inventory and improve cash flow. All our costs are paid for from our earnings, profit is paid out first to our employees, then to YOU, our investor, and the management and main shareholders are paid out last. Your investment is secured by the warehouse inventory.

Many years ago, when we had little to no money, we worked hard and saved up money, from which we purchased our first goods, sold it and since then we kept doing the same. Buy, offer, sell and repeat. The online retail grows year over year and we grow to new countries as well.  And for the continuous growth we need more and more money. For this reason we come to you, our satisfied customer, with a gentlemen offer, to invest into our business, so we can grow, offer you a wider portfolio of great deals, and to give you back a part of our success — guaranteed monthly interest. Cash payments sent to your bank account every month as long as you keep your money invested. A gentlemen’s promise.

You can make a one time investment or invest regularly, starting as low as 15 Euros means you will get every month money from us. You can withdraw your money anytime and within 30 days your get them on your account. We offer an 8% p.a. interest rate, meaning you receive 0.10 Euros monthly from every 15 Euros invested. Secured by products on stock, interest paid out monthly to your bank account, withdraw anytime. You may think that 8% a year is not a lot, so we say hey!, invest at least 10 000 Euros and we throw in an extra. For your investment of 10 000 Euros or more for 12 Months or more, we upgrade your current phone for the newest iPhone and as long as you keep your investment with us, we UPGRADE you every year with the newest iPhone. So not only you get monthly interest, but every year we change your old used iPhone for the latest one of the same or similar capacity, color and size.

Earn a passive income with a secured investment in our company that you will come to love more and more. We work with your money and share our success. This is an offer, only our satisfied customers get. Try us out, invest your 15 Euros today and see those 10 euro cents rolling in to your bank account every month. And if you like the feeling and still love our company and its offers, invest more and earn more. And why not reach that 10 000 Euros barrier, so you won’t need to worry anymore about getting a new iPhone, we will get it for you every year. Investing in us is easy, earnings are continuous and the benefits are far reaching. TRY IT TODAY, RISK FREE.