Problems with ownership of a mobile phone


If you have a mobile phone (smart phone or dumb phone), chance is once in a while you run into every one of these problems:

WHEN to buy a new mobile phone?

– WHICH model of phone to choose?

– WHERE to buy it?

– WHAT plan should I get and which operator should I choose?

– SHOULD I buy an extra insurance?

– WHAT accessories do I need for my mobile phone?

– HOW to use my new phone?

– WHAT apps to install?

– WHERE to get updates about smartphones?

– WHAT to do if my phone malfunctions?

– WHAT to do if my phone is damaged or broken?

– HOW to get rid of my old phone?

… and all over again… when should I buy a new mobile phone?

We believe, we should give you a smart solution for each of these problems. So we bring new services to help our customers to remove their problems with owning their electronics