The Complete Smartphone Buying Guide


Step 1: Choose Your Phone

  • 10 steps to finding the right phone for you
  • buying guides
  • how much can you afford?

Step 2: Get Pricing Information from Manufacturer

  • how to use the manufacturer’s website
  • pricing basics for new phone buying
  • new phone incentives and rebates

Step 3: Finance Your Phone

  • buying vs leasing vs bying a used phone
  • phone financing pitfalls and solutions / buying with operator pitfalls and solutions
  • phone financing through operators/ quatro/ cetelem…

Step 4: Find Your Phone

  • how to use site
  • accessories to get to your phone
  • extra services you can get with your phone

Step 5: Test in-hands your phone

  • where to go to test your new phone (operators/ big shops)
  • talk to and compare your results to other owners (are they satisfied with their purchase and company where they bought it?)
  • find forums and ask for help if anything is unclear

Step 6: Get Dealer Price Quotes

  • how to get an internet price quote
  • internet prices in the showroom
  • how to use bestcena’s price promise (lowest price)

Step 7: Trade-In or Sell Your Old phone

  • three steps to trading in your used phone
  • trade-in options for your used phone
  • 10 steps to selling your phone

Step 8: Negotiate the Deal

  • negotiating 101
  • secrets of a professional negotiator
  • bring a wingman when you buy a phone (bring others to shop with you to get a better deal)

Step 9: Close the Deal

  • 5 qestions to ask before you say YES to a new phone deal
  • negotiating a dealer’s new phone add-ons and accessories
  • confessions of a phone sales manager

Step 10: After purchase

  • making the most of your phone
  • taking care of your phone (protective foils, protective covers)
  • buying extra insurance

Step 11: Warranty claim

  • what is a warranty claim and what is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • what are your rights and what should you ask for and get
  • what to do when your warranty claim in denied for whatever reason

Step 12: Out of warranty repairs

  • What is worth to have repaired and what is not
  • Where to have it repaired and how much will it cost
  • Is the extra insurance worth it and what does it cover?